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Do you have access to all your health records?

With Got Health-e (Got Health Engaged ), you no longer have to worry about trying to find your health information when you need it. At the click of a button, this app will allow you to capture all your medical results from any provider on-line portal

Single Source

Allows patients to upload, view and share all medical record types including diagnostic radiological images. GHE can import all multi-media types. Instant access to images is essential for distant consultation, second opinion, and telemedicine.


Allows patients to share protected health information (PHI) in a HIPAA compliant manner. Email Secure Link to other doctors or third party.


Delivers health notifications and reminders to an inbox allowing you to stay one step ahead with health matters

Web to PDF ​

Allows patients to capture entire medical histories from provider patient portals using the print to PDF feature. Results are stored, tagged and fully searchable for instant access



Got health-e is for everyone. This breakthrough technology makes it possible to obtain and share health records swiftly with a smart device no matter where you are in the world.

Got Health Engaged


Year Established

Patient Downloads

Records Stored


Immunization Schedules

Allows patients, families and dependents to receive alerts and reminders on required immunizations schedules . They system is based off the CDC immunization schedules 


Cancer Screening Reminders

Allows patients to maintain good health by adhering to early cancer detection guidelines. . The app automatically generates notifications and reminders for required cancer screenings based off demographic information. The system is based off the American Cancer Society guidelines.


Allows patients to scan medical documents during healthcare visits. Capture EKG’s, images, medications, prescriptions, billing information and more. Documents can be tagged for instant access



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Patients gain control of their medical health records from smart devices